Our day at Hay

Half terms and holidays are always negotiation minefields with my 3, ranging from 9 to nearly 16 their interests aren’t always shared and if they are it’s quite possibly something really expensive or garish that requires patience and lots of time. Sounds like any other family I’m sure!

This May half term was a very different one as Loops is BANG in the middle of her GCSEs and needed to revise, Big Welsh is doing a busy project and actually Mum couldn’t have the dog, so a trip to our favourite place in France wasn’t possible. It was decided that day trips and home days were to be intermingled with revision and chores! Of course it was really only a 4 day week as there was a Bank Holiday Monday.

Laree and I set off for Wales on the Monday and went to the Valleys via Brecon for the night with Mamgu and Tadpa before heading to Hay. We were both excited as we both love books and we were doing something together both for the first time. Laree was looking forward to going to a festival and buying books, I was looking forward to going to a festival, buying books and going to see Emma Bridgewater and Matthew Rice talk to Country Living‘s Suzy Smith about Having it all, having won tickets via Twitter.

We parked at the wet weather parking, boarded a bus, drove through Hay (which is full of shops I need to go and see another time) before arriving at the festival site.


Once in the site we found out where we needed to be and had a wander. Of course we soon made our way to the Hay Book Shop and met Kate Pankhurst who signed a book for Laree and kindly wore a wig.


Laree was happy and with a newly signed book in her hand we went off to join the queue.


Excitement was mounting as 1.15pm approached and in we dashed to find good seats, knowing that the talk would be popular. Good seats found we sat down and listened to a humorous and interesting talk. Having plenty of Emma Bridgewater in the house it was nice to know more about the people and the business’ success, as well as the funny side of Emma and Matthew. After the talk we headed back to the Book Shop for signings and I wasn’t going to miss that!

Luckily I had bought my book before the talk so there was only a short queue and it was only minutes before I said “hello Emma, that was a great talk”, Emma said that she was glad I enjoyed it and would I like my book signed? Of course! When she asked who it was for I said “Nell and thankfully you know how to spell it (as her sister is called Nell)” and we laughed!


After that we wandered around a bit more and saw Horrid Henry who had a huge queue, Laree wasn’t too worried about that as we were going to meet Francesca Simon at our local bookshop on Sunday which left us more time to wander around, eat cheese and ice cream and take in the atmosphere.




On the way out I bought a mug, well I couldn’t not!


Before driving home and collapsing!


It was a brillYANT day and we can’t wait until next year!


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